Instrument Tuition
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Instrument Tuition

Learning an instrument provides opportunities to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical and academic development of our students in line with the school’s mission statement.

Why learn a musical instrument?

Learning an instrument is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. It helps develop students’ confidence, physical co-ordination, organising ability and creativity.There is growing evidence that learning an instrument develops intelligence and the capacity to learn.

Many students take examinations on their instruments. These are now recognised as having GCSE equivalence and earn UCAS points, which are used for university entry.

What tuition is available?

The following instruments are offered to students from years 6 to 13:

Flute, violin, trumpet, piano, clarinet, viola, trombone, drum kit, bassoon, cello, saxophone, voice, oboe, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar.

Music Activities

We run a series of lunchtime and after school clubs for students, teachers and parents and these include such activities as: 

  • Jazz Band
  • Theory Club
  • Theory 'drop-in'
  • Junior Choir
  • Orchestra (Y8 upwards)
  • Senior Choir
  • Studio workshop
  • Lisbon Schools Orchestra

Instrumental Tuition per School Section

Guide to Tuition 2022-23 years 6-13

Guide to Tuition 2022-23 year 4 and 5 strings

Guide to Tuition 2022-23 primary years 2-5

Guide to Tuition 2022-23 Portuguese Section_Currículo Bilingue