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Transportation Services

Transportation Services Information 2024/25

St. Julian’s works diligently and in tandem with our partner F-Irmãos to prepare and abide by the Portuguese authorities’ guidelines for the safe transportation of our students.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page if you want to enrol your child.

Bus service schedule:

Morning collection times will vary according to zone,  travel time, distance, and the number of students travelling within the route.  

Afternoon collection times from school:

1st - Afternoon collection time 3:15 pm departure (Nursery, Reception, Years 1- 2 and 1º ano ONLY;
2nd - Afternoon collection time 4:05 pm departure (all students);
3rd - Afternoon collection time 5:30 pm (students attending Wider Life programme and Apoio ao Estudo ONLY).

Note - Friday 1st - Afternoon collection time 2:00 pm departure | 2nd - Afternoon collection time 3:15 pm departure

Sibling Discount:

A 5% discount is given to a 2nd enrolled student of the same family, 10% discount for three or more enrolled student family members.

Service Quality:

All buses are certified by the IMT (Institute for Mobility and Transport). All buses are fully insured in accordance with national standards. Every driver is appropriately licensed to operate each bus accordingly. All buses pass vehicle inspection and are well maintained. 

Services Offered:

Door to Door Pick-up & Drop-Off:

Term / PeriodoZone 1 /Área 1Zone 2 / Área 2Zone 3 / Área 3
One way / Um sentido€467€512€580
Round trip / Ida e volta €935€1,024€1,158
Yearly / Annual Zone 1 / Area 1Zone 2 / Area 2Zone 3 / Area 3
One way / Um sentido€1,400€1,537€1,740
Round trip / Ida e volta €2,810€3,075€3,477

You may find the zone which coincides with your address by clicking on the interactive map below.


Use the form at the bottom of this page to indicate which of the three scheduled times your child will depart from. If you know your child will participate in Wider Life programme, they must be registered for the 5:30 pm route home. We kindly request you confirm this by September 22nd, 2024, to ensure buses are appropriately allocated and designated according to our students’ needs.

We are unable to allow students to vary their times of departure. If there is a valid need to request a change to the scheduled time, the notification must be made to the transportation coordinator or bus driver with sufficient notice.

We aim for a maximum travel time of 45 minutes, aiming to arrive at school between 8:00 am, and 8:10 am. The expected return for each of the scheduled afternoon times is 30 - 35 minutes. We cannot assure/compromise with exact timings due to the nature of the service (congestion, traffic accidents) and the number of students using this service. 


Zones will only be covered if a sufficient number of students subscribes to these services. 

2. St. Julian's School and F-Irmãos will attempt to responde to requests with an address not located in our zone map. Any request for transportation service outside of our zone map will be given meeting points of existing bus routes compatible to your request.

Terms and Conditions:

1- Enrolment for the Transportation service must be for the full academic year. Withdrawal from the annual service is only allowed at the end of each term. (Refunds only approved by St. Julian's School bursar). If no notification of withdrawal is made in writing to [email protected] before the end of the term, a refund will not be possible. 
2- Prices are subject to change depending upon the number of students who subscribe to the transportation service. 
3- After July 22, 2024, requests for transportation service cannot be guaranteed. Requests received after this date must be compatible with the routes already in existence.
4- All daily changes to a student's bus schedule must be submitted by email to [email protected].
5- There is no eating or drinking on buses.
6- All students travelling within the bus must adhere to the driver and or monitors instructions and requests at all times. Drivers and monitors represent St. Julian's School.

Transportation services
+351 214 585 338 / +351 910 288 833
Email:  [email protected]

Please click HERE if you want to enrol your child in the transportation service.