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Meet our Team

The teachers, teaching assistants and support staff at St. Julian’s are all dedicated to ensuring that the students in our care are happy, secure and enjoying their learning here at St. Julian’s and are one of the strengths of St. Julian’s School.

The vast majority of our teachers are UK-trained or experienced in delivering the English National Curriculum, IGCSE and IB Diploma either in schools in the United Kingdom or in international schools across the world. Our teachers who deliver the school’s Bilingual Curriculum (1º to 9º Ano) are highly qualified and experienced in delivering the Portuguese National Curriculum.

Leadership Team

The St. Julian’s Whole-School Leadership Team is dedicated to ensuring that St. Julian’s is a school that is focused on student learning and well-being and is guided by the School’s Mission Statement, Aims and the St. Julian’s Learning Essentials. The School’s Guiding statements have enabled the development of the School’s Strategic Plan, of which the main pillars are:

  • Wellbeing
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Organisation for Learning

The Whole-School Leadership Team (WLT) work as a team across the whole school alongside the other members of the Extended Leadership Team, which incorporates the Deputy and Assistant Principals in each of the sections of the school.

Mr Paul Morgan

Head of School

Paul Morgan acts as the CEO of the School and is the educational leader. In partnership with the governors, he is accountable for student learning, well-being, global citizenship, and the culture of the school as a whole.

Mr Morgan joined St. Julian's as Head of School in August 2022 and studied Mathematics at Kent University, and then completed his PGCE at Cambridge University. He has had an extensive and distinguished international career, having started work at The London Oratory School for 14 years, after which he moved to St. Paul's School in São Paulo as the Deputy Head. In 2009 he obtained his National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). In 2016 he took his first headship as Principal of The British School of Amsterdam. Part of his accomplishments there was to lead the school through a €50 million building project.  He has been a member of the COBIS Board. His interests include current affairs, technology and aviation. 

Mr Daniel Norbury

Secondary Section Principal and Whole-School Deputy Principal

Mr Dan Norbury is the Secondary Section Principal at St. Julian’s, having joined the school in 2019. Dan has previously held roles in Asia and the UK and is an experienced Senior Leader and Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Miss Angela Harris

Primary Section Principal and Whole-School Deputy Principal

Miss Angela Harris is the Primary Section Principal at St. Julian’s, having originally joined our school in 1996. Miss Harris oversees the coordination, revision and drafting of school policies. In addition to her roles at St. Julian’s School, Miss Harris is an experienced Team Member and Chair of international school accreditation visits with CIS (Council of International Schools). 

Ms Joana Sousa

Currículo Bílingue Section Principal and Whole-School Deputy Principal

Ms Sousa is the Portuguese Section Principal (Diretora Pedagógica da Secção Portuguesa) and, before this, was the Deputy Principal. Ms Sousa also teaches English and has worked at St. Julian’s since 2004. She is an alumna of St. Julian’s and has participated in several school visits with CIS (Council of International Schools).


Caroline Cullen

Ms Caroline Cullen

Whole-School Deputy Principal, Director of Student Support, and WLT Strategic Lead for Safeguarding

Ms Caroline Cullen is a Whole-School Deputy Principal, Director of Student Support, and WLT Strategic Lead for Safeguarding. In addition to her role on the Whole-School Leadership Team, Ms Cullen oversees the Student Support Team (encompassing the primary student support department, primary EAL team, secondary learning support team, counselling service, surgery, and safeguarding teams), ensuring that the school is achieving best international practice in terms of both safeguarding and student support. Prior to joining the SJS community, Ms Cullen held a range of roles in primary and secondary teaching, senior leadership, school governance, and educational consultancy, including being part of the founding team of a new secondary school in London in 2012. She joined St. Julian’s in 2018.

Adela Metaxa

Mrs Adela Metaxa

Bursar and Director of Operations & Finance and Whole-School Deputy Principal

Mrs Metaxa has a background in Finance and Economics and pursued her post-graduate studies in France. In her native Romania, she worked in finance and banking before embracing a role in education.   Prior to relocating to Portugal in 2020 with her family, Mrs Metaxa was the CFO and Deputy Head of the School for Business and Operations at the Swiss International School in Qatar for four years. Mrs Metaxa is passionate about education and is excited to be part of the leadership of a school with a long and strong heritage and quality education.  

Adela Metaxa

Mrs Sarah Dore

Director of Professional Learning and Growth and Whole-School Deputy Principal

Ms Sarah Dore is a Whole-School Deputy Principal, Director of Professional Learning and Growth and a member of the Whole Leadership Team (WLT). Ms Dore oversees Professional Learning and Growth across the school (this encompasses induction for new staff, training, annual reviews and supporting school accreditation). In addition to these responsibilities, Ms Dore continues to teach Art and TOK in Secondary School.  Ms Dore has over 20 years of experience working in Education and has been at Julian's School since 2009.  

Adela Metaxa

Mr Michael Brooke

Director of Technology and Whole-School Deputy Principal

Mr Michael Brooke is the Director for Technology at St. Julian's School and has worked at the school since 2007, having previously taught in the UK. Michael has over 20 years of experience leading the development of educational technologies in schools and focuses on the areas of innovation and technology integration.  

Extended Leadership Team

Mrs Liz Wood

Liz Wood is the Deputy Principal in the Primary Section for the Foundation and Key Stage 1, in addition to teaching Computing. Mrs Wood joined St. Julian’s School in 1990 and has vast experience as a team member in school accreditation visits with CIS (Council of International Schools) and NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges).

Miss Louise Banthorpe

Louise Banthorpe is the Deputy Principal in the Primary Section for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and joined St. Julian’s School in 2018, having previously taught across schools in the UK and Asia over the course of 17 years. Within the ELT, Miss Banthorpe has focused on the areas of staff well-being and pastoral care. 


Dra Joana de Sousa

Joana Sousa Directora da Secção Portuguesa, where she also coordinates de 2º and 3º ciclo, and has worked at St Julian’s since 2004. Mrs Sousa is a former St Julian’s pupil,  involved in the school’s Alumni committee, and has participated in several school visits with CIS (Council of International Schools). 

Professora Luísa Gomes

Luísa Gomes is the Primary Bilingual Curriculum coordinator. Mrs Gomes joined St Julian’s in 2015 and is a trained Primary School teacher with a postgraduate diploma in Special Education. She has taught across a number of schools in Portugal over the course of the last 20 years.

Dr Dina Shah

Dr Dina Shah is the Deputy Principal of the Secondary Section with responsibility for Key Stage 5, in addition to teaching Science, Chemistry and TOK. Dr Shah joined St. Julian's in 2018 and has previously taught in schools in England, Brazil and Switzerland.

Mr Jon Burke

Jon Burke is a Deputy Principal of the Secondary Section and Director of Studies for Key Stages 4, in addition to teaching History. Mr Burke has worked at St. Julian’s since 2004, having previously taught in schools in the UK. He has regularly contributed to working parties focusing on the topic of assessment for learning and has made a huge contribution to researching the school's history.

Mr Tom Rains

Tom is the Deputy Principal of the Secondary Section for Key Stages 3 and is responsible for Safeguarding in the Secondary Section. Mr Rain teaches Geography and Outdoor Education. He joined St. Julian’s in 2005 and previously taught in schools across South America and the UK.