Learning Ethos
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Learning Ethos

Our learning ethos is based on our aim to establish a framework for students and teachers to be engaged and challenged, for parents to be assured and excited by the opportunities we provide to ensure that our students develop the attributes which will allow them to become the compassionate, curious, collaborative communicators with the courage to be the active citizens the world needs.

Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Essentials

Our 10 Learning Essentials guide the teaching and learning at St. Julian’s and describe how the students are developing the St. Julian’s values of respect, independence, responsibility, commitment and honesty, in addition to the IB Learner Profile, through their learning.

At St Julian's, all students are:

  1. Learning through having high-quality teacher-student relationships
  2. Confident, safe and enjoy their learning in a stimulating environment
  3. Learning collaboratively and independently
  4. Learning through enquiry and constructing meaning for themselves
  5. Challenged and supported in their learning (low threshold, high ceiling)
  6. Understanding how well they are doing and what the next steps are
  7. Reflecting on their learning and how they learn (through guided opportunities and constructive feedback)
  8. Developing skills, knowledge and understanding
  9. Understanding what they are learning and why (the ‘big picture’)
  10. Taking risks in their learning and feel comfortable to make mistakes

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to learn collaboratively and independently and through enquiry to allow them to construct meaning for themselves and to develop skills, knowledge and understanding - all of which we feel are important.

Ensuring that students understand the context of what they are learning and why, and how this fits into the bigger picture of their learning and the world around them is a key aspect that we focus on.

We believe that this, alongside encouraging students to take risks and to feel comfortable making mistakes, will make them ready and able to contribute in a future that we all know is likely to change exponentially in their lifetimes and change beyond any other lifetime known yet. Enabling this and preparing our students to make a positive change in the world is, we feel, the core purpose of education and certainly the core purpose of St. Julian’s.