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Wellbeing & Student Support

Pastoral Care & Safeguarding

St. Julian’s aims to make sure that our students develop the St. Julian’s values of respect, independence, responsibility, commitment and honesty in addition to the IB learner profile. We believe that this will enable them to develop resilience, a positive self-image, and an ability and confidence to be able to tackle new situations and problems. 

We follow a British system of pastoral care, with each student cared for within a system of class teachers and tutors. In accordance with the school's mission statement, it is the tutor who is responsible in the first instance for monitoring the student's progress not only towards academic achievement targets but also towards a...

balance between academic, social-cultural and physical activities, integrating emotional spiritual and intellectual development.

Each class in St Julian’s has a tutor whom they will meet every day in order to register and to ensure that they are up to date with the daily bulletin and other school news and events. The tutor is the first 'port of call' for any immediate concerns and issues that students or parents may wish to raise about any aspect of life at St Julian's.

The tutor is also responsible for liaising with parents to ensure that the school is in possession of any personal information which might affect a student's well-being and performance. This is reinforced and detailed in our parent protocol

In addition, each year group is co-ordinated by a Head of Year (Secondary) or Assistant Principal (Primary). The Head of Year supports tutors and coordinate their work to the benefit of the entire year group, and will take responsibility for matters of discipline and student well being that may affect the group as a whole. They may also organise and take responsibility for activities involving the entire year group, such as residentials, end-of-term trips and the work experience carried out in the summer term by Year 10. Heads of Year will also review reports, receive feedback from parents' evenings and work to ensure a smooth transition on the part of the whole group, from one year to another.

Overseeing the Heads of Year in the Secondary School is the Pastoral Deputy Secondary Principal. Part of their responsibility is to ensure the school’s mission statement and values are not just rhetoric but evident in all that we do at St. Julian’s.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

We aim to safeguard and promote the welfare of children by protecting them from maltreatment and preventing impairment of children’s health and development. We have a comprehensive child protection and safeguarding policy in place, that follows the most up-to-date UK guidelines and procedures (The Children Act 1989; “Keeping Children Safe in Education",  2018).

St. Julian’s is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children, staff and visitors and promoting a climate where children and adults will feel confident about sharing any concerns that they may have about their own safety or the well-being of others.

Every member of staff, the BOG, the PACT Executive Committee, outsourced staff and all volunteers at the school go through thorough police and background checks. We regularly audit and review our security procedures and manuals. 

Our community’s well-being and safety are paramount to us and we work hard to ensure that we continue to cater for our student's needs in this regard.

Complaint Book 
If you have any concerns in regards to our school safeguarding, pastoral care, or complaint about any school departments and services please access the following link and register your complaint.