Universities & Careers

The career journey for our students at St Julian’s effectively begins in the middle of Year 9 when they attend the (I)GCSE options evening presented by the Director of Studies and featuring our careers staff.

The choice students take in their (I) GCSE options is fundamental as a first step towards realizing their collective goal of admission to Higher education either in the UK, Portugal, Europe, the USA or in other parts of the world.

We take our commitment to placing our students in their university of choice for a vocational or subject-based course of study very seriously. Education after school is not confined to university; we also have students keen to pursue careers in the Arts and we even have students who believe that university is not for them. The question of where best to pursue an active and engaging career can be a worrying one. Our experience in the placing of our students in Higher education and the long established links we have to universities ensures that we support our IB graduates in their final steps, just as we guide them as they take their initial decision about academic options in Year 9.

Between Year 9 and IB a large number of career “events” happen. These take many forms; there are careers evenings where students and parents are informed of the university entry procedures for the UK, Portugal and the USA; there are the ISCO Futurewise psychometric profiling sessions and the personal interviews which follow these, with careful attention paid to what the tests tell us about skills and disposition for particular career areas; in Year 10 there is our work experience program; in Year 11 IB options evening means another set of academic choices need to be made. First-year IB students will begin to more independently explore their options, visiting universities, writing personal statements, working for predicted grades. By first term of Year 13 tutors will be completing references, students will be applying to the university or other HE institution of their choice. The results day in July will see all students contacting universities, ensuring the certification, legalization or translation of the IB diploma and lastly the confirmation of places. At every stage of this long and complicated rite of passage our career team is beside the student, supporting and advising.

Our commitment is to our students throughout this process, but we realize the importance of the parent to the decisions students will take. Indeed our parents are one of our greatest resources, given their own experience in the work-force, their experience of Higher education, and the diversity of career advice they can offer. One of our most thought-provoking career events features ex pupils and parents sharing their career experiences with our Y11 and IB students.

Parents are not only kept clearly informed about the importance of each stage of the process but are also invited to help us in the key task of communicating the important details to students across a timeline which extends and links that first evening in Year 9 to a day nearly five years later when their son or daughter enters the university of their choice.

The specific details of the career path taken by our students from Year 9 to Year 13 together with links to presentations from the options and careers evenings at St Julian’s can be accessed on the St Julian’s Parents Portal which also features a time-line showing the main stages of the journey from school to university. This is complemented by the list of universities who have welcomed undergraduates from St Julian’s over the past 10 years, eventually to be enhanced by graphs which identify the changing trends of university choices.

For interested parties who are not part of the St Julian’s community but would like to know more about what we do in this area, and how we do it, please click on the career link which will introduce you to our specialist career staff and help you to contact them should you wish to know more.


ur purpose is to create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment within which all members of our community can achieve their full potential and develop a commitment to lifelong learning.

Our purpose is to create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment within which all members of our community can achieve their full potential and develop a commitment to lifelong learning.